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When . ( Bottom Feeder #4)

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when (hwen, wen; unstressed hwən, wən),USA pronunciation  adv. 
  1. at what time or period? how long ago? how soon?: When are they to arrive? When did the Roman Empire exist?
  2. under what circumstances? upon what occasion?: When is a letter of condolence in order? When did you ever see such a crowd?

  1. at what time: to know when to be silent.
  2. at the time or in the event that: when we were young; when the noise stops.
  3. at any time;
    whenever: He is impatient when he is kept waiting.
  4. upon or after which;
    and then: We had just fallen asleep when the bell rang.
  5. while on the contrary;
    considering that;
    whereas: Why are you here when you should be in school?

  1. what time: Till when is the store open?
  2. which time: They left on Monday, since when we have heard nothing.

  1. the time of anything: the when and the where of an act.

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Use a reflection. Setting a big mirror while in the family area additionally gives the impression be relieved.
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