Body After Pregnancy!


This photo was taken when my little boy was only four months old. I was still big and really had the hard time getting rid off those  bay fats… LOL! I was advise to do so,e exercise but I would admit I was too lazy to do it. Though, I gain so much weight after my second baby but I am happy and now, he is two years old and I am also shedding some of the pounds.

I am so blessed and very fortunate to have two kids, a boy and a girl. My life is complete and with my two pregnancies, though my first one was very hard  but I really enjoyed and treasured those times. It is a gift from GOD to be able to conceive and bring another life on earth. ;) LIFE IS GOOD!!!!

Trouble getting pregnant?

A friend of mine has threee kids and got pregnant the fourth time but unfortunately, she had to abort it for her third child was not even a year old by that time. Now, that they are ready to have one more child and been trying for a couple of years and still not conceiving… She was worried that the “abortion” that she had has something to do with it. And now, it’s worth to know that there are ways to get pregnant again after having an abortion.

There are many women decide to undergo abortion procedures for a variety of reasons. However, just because a woman decides to have an abortion does not mean that she will not decide she is ready to have a baby on down the road. Many women have concerns about getting pregnant after an abortion, but according to, most of those concerns are unfounded. When a woman is trying to conceive after an abortion, it is important that she understands what is considered “normal”, so that she will know when to worry.

In most cases, 80 to 90 percent of women will conceive within a year of trying. The average amount of time that it takes to conceive from the time a couple starts trying is nine months, so do not be concerned if it takes that long. Most women who have an abortion, whether it be a surgical abortion or a medical abortion, have absolutely no problems conceiving after the abortion, and complications that can affect future fertility are extremely rare.

For the best chances of conceiving after an abortion, a woman should see a doctor, track her ovulation, improve her diet, get plenty of exercise, and cut out bad habits like alcohol use and smoking.

Disadvantage of Being a Stay at Home Mom!

I am really feeling the effect or disadvantage of being a stay at home mom. I felt helpless financially speaking. Three years ago, I was enjoying it very much because I was doing and making money and contributing to our family. Unfortunately, it stopped. I am doing my best looking for something to do online that will allow me to m ake some money. Yes, I found here adn there but takes a lot of time and effort and still not giving me enough money.

To look for a regular job is not an option right now. My kids are little and needs mom’s supervision. I hope by next year it will be a fruitful year that will favor our side. Less stress, less struggles and less headaches. Also, more happy and postive people to come our way.