Staying Home with the Kids!

Hubby is not home, he left a little passed one o’clock to go downtown to get something for his motorcycle and gasoline for the ATV. He asked me this morning if I wanted to go which I refused because I woke up late and was not in the mood to get ready. So, I said “NO” , he asked our girl but she said “no” too!

I told him that if he is going to leave at least late I might go with him. Of course, the kids will go too. We ate lunch and really I changed my mind again as the weather is not nice, it is gloomy outside. It has been raining off and on here. I hate when it rain. I am aware that rain is good but it just makes me feel soo  BLUE for some reason.

The kids were playing video games.. So, we opt in staying home, he left alone. We always do things together as a family but, this time is different. I bet the weather has something to do with this. For me, for sure is.. :)

Perform with Digital Snake

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Book Shelves and a Dresser!

The kids bedroom is lacking of dresser for they have so much clothes that they don’t wear anymore and other stuffs. Hubby and I decided to go and look for new dresser. The book shelves were not in the plan that day but definitely we need something to store our kids toys. Their toys were in the crib. Yes, you read it right! The toys were in the crib, it was a big crib! Because it was big, it was hogging the space.

We found a dresser and we bought it. A,lso, we spotted the shelves and thought that it will be nice to used to store the kids toys. We got one tall shelf and other one shelf was in medium size and height. Our daughter that day was in school. Hubby and I were busy prganizing and cleaning up the kids bedroom. The bed really looked so nice and different. The new dresser and book shelves gave it a different look.

Hubby decided to picked up our daughter at school. That way, she would be home early. When she got home, she was very excited and could not stopped saying “AWESOME!” – yes, she was so happy! :)

I put some of their unused clothes and toys that they don’t liked anymore in a bag to donate somewhere.