What Do You Need To Pack For a Camping Holiday?


Camping is a great, inexpensive vacation for all the family to enjoy. You get to have new adventures, be at one with nature and do lots of fun outdoor activities. Biking, hiking, fishing, building a campfire and taking in the views to name a few! But it can be difficult to know what to take when you are planning a camping trip. One one hand you want to take it back to basics and enjoy the humbleness of being off the grid. Although on the other hand, modern technology can help to keep you safe and make your trip more comfortable. If you are going on a camping trip, here are a few of the things you will need to bring.

Somewhere to Sleep

Unless you are hiring a caravan or chalet at your campsite, you’ll need a base and place to sleep. For a really gritty camping experience you can’t beat a good old fashioned tent. Although if you want to start camping often, you could invest in a campervan or an RV. That way you could go on amazing road trips and find even more places to camp.

Cooking Equipment
This could be a barbeque or a portable gas camping stove. Alternatively you could use the campfire to cook, on if your site allows them. Make sure you have enough sustenance to be able to live comfortably on your trip. Along with ingredients to cook with, consider packing some nutritious non-perishable items in case you need them. Nuts, seeds, dried fruit and protein bars all make useful snacks. Bring along plenty of water, more than you think you’ll need. Especially if you’re not staying at a campsite.
Sleeping Bag and Pillow
Even though you’re going to be roughing it out in the wild, you’ll still want a good night’s sleep. Research the climate and weather conditions for where you’ll be staying. Then choose sleeping equipment accordingly. For chiller times or year or colder climates, you’ll need a sleeping bag with the correct insulation. While they can take up a lot of space, bringing soft and supportive pillows can make your sleep much more comfortable.
A First Aid Kit
Hopefully you’ll never need it, but when you’re spending time outdoors anything could happen. It could be a slip in some wet mud or a trip on tree branches. It could be a bite or sting from an insect. Be prepared and bring along a first aid kit to cover you across all bases. Don’t forget things like painkillers, bandages and band-aids.
A Mobile Phone

It’s worth bringing a mobile phone with you, even if you choose to turn it off while you’re on your trip. If you’re not camping at a designated campsite and are planning to go off the beaten path and into the wild, it’s so easy to get lost. Being able to make communication is vital. Consider bringing a portable battery charger too, and a sat-nav as a backup. At the very least, have a map of the area in case you find yourself stranded.

Things To Do Before Sending Kids Back To School

This summer really was not a perfect summer to considered because of the weather that was not stable. If not too hot  then it is the other way, raining! How can we enjoy the summer that way?!  Even cooking foods on the grill was not fun as it was too wicked hot outside. My kids have not got the chance of enjoying their summer.

We did not really do fun summer outdoor activities yet. We took them to the community swimming pool once, we took them to the zoo once, we took them to Black moshannon once and last was at the grange fair one time.

We did took them to the amusement park but we originally had planned of going to New Jersey which did not happen. And to go back to the amusement park to experience their Laaguna splash and laguna river and for the kids to do more rides.Back to school will be on the 29th – I want to do fun things this week.

Hope nothing will stop us this Sunday as I want to take the kids back to the amusement park… It is nice to have fun before sending them back to school. :)

Family Travel: Vacation Ideas For Active Families!

Summer is going fast, which means that if you want to get away this year, you’d better get planning. If the idea of jetting off to sunny Spain or the South of France, doesn’t appeal to you, you might like the idea of planning a different type of trip. One that’s cheaper, closer to home, and easier to get organized – a camping/caravanning break, of course.

Before you turn your nose up at the idea of spending your summer vacation camping, hear me out. If you’ve got young children who are always bouncing off of the ceiling, then an activity based vacation, like camping, could be ideal. There are so many places in the US that you can go, as well as lots of activities that you could do. It’s just a case of deciding between camping under good old fashioned canvas or opting to rent or buy a travel trailer cheap online.

Once you’ve got that sorted, the next step is to decide what type of activity trip you’d like to go on. To help you do that, here are a few suggestions and ideas.

Head to the Smoky Mountains for a hiking trip

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Smoky Mountain National Park is home to some of the country’s very best hiking trails. From the Gregory Bald hiking trail – famous for year-round views, to the Rocky Top trail, there are various options to choose from. You can pitch your tent or park your campervan wherever you want to. You can pick any trail to follow, just make sure to research it properly beforehand, to ensure that it’s safe for the kids to do. There’s not just hiking here, there’s also lots of wildlife, cycling routes, and horse riding classes to take part in too.

Go rock climbing in Colorado

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Are you a family that’s into adventure sports? Yes – then a trip to Colorado for rock climbing could be perfect for you. Where you opt to camp and rock climb in Colorado depends on whether you have the experience and knowledge to rock climb without a guide. Or, whether you want to have a professional on hand to help you. With kids in tow, it’s probably best to opt for a professional guide, to ensure it’s as safe as possible to climb. There are lots of places in Colorado you can rock climb, but the best have to be Castlewood Canyon State Park, Rifle Mountain Park, and Garden of the Gods. Research each of these places to work out which one is best suited to yours’ and your family’s rock climbing needs.

Do watersports at Lake Tahoe

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If you and your family are big water lovers, then a break that consists of various water-based activities could be perfect for you. From fishing and boating to water skiing and kayaking, Lake Tahoe has a lot to offer. You can also swim here, try wakeboarding, or spend the afternoon relaxing on a pedalow. There’s also plenty of places to camp here, as well as lot of other activities to keep your family occupied.

So there you have it, a few vacation ideas that are perfect for active families.