Welcoming Another Baby in the Family! It’s an April Baby!

What a beautiful and blessed month for us! I am not talking about financial but talking about having a brand new baby! It is not my baby but my brother’s new girl. His wife gave birth to their 2nd baby, and it’s a girl again but it does not matter. As what matter the most, the mother and the baby’s health. It took 8 years for them to have their 2nd baby. The precious little one was born in the 19th of April – she’s only a couple days old. Her name is trixie Nathalie while her big sister’s name is Trisha Nicole.


Meet our newest angel in the family… Trixie Nathalie!

When I saw the baby’s picture on Facebook, I got so excited that I want to go home and hold the baby! LOL! My son is 2 years old but I always get so excited and always wanted to have my own baby again  everytime I see one. Anyway, it felt good to have more member. The more the merrier. if only we can afford to raise more kids, I want to have 6 or more. LOL! Funny but it’s true! Sadly, we can’t. :(

Hopefully we can visit my family in Philippines in the near future and see my nieces too. Too bad, we are too far from each other where seeing each other in person can take a lot of preparation financially.  On the other hand, I am wishing that brother and his wife will make more baby. Four will be perfect. Boys as we don’t have that much luck when it comes to boys. I am so fortunate that GOD grant me with a baby girl and a baby boy. Might as well take it as a sign of being finish making babies. LOL! Babies are just so precious and so cute! They are so hard to resist.

5 Excuses to Throw an Awesome Party


Everyone loves a good party. You really shouldn’t need an excuse to invite your friends over for a great time, but if you do, here are five.

It’s a Public Holiday

The year is scattered with public holidays, the Queen’s birthday, Easter, Christmas, Boxing Day, and more. Choose your favourite public holiday and throw a party. Theme your party around the occasion you are celebrating. Ask everyone to dress up and make food and drink that fit in with the theme. Public holiday parties quickly become a tradition and you may find yourself celebrating every year. To save on fuss, you can hire all the party equipment you need from http://www.modernparty.com.au/

You Got That Promotion or Landed a Brand New Job

Getting a promotion or a new job is a big deal and certainly worth celebrating. You might like to throw a massive party to celebrate or even an intimate dinner party with close friends and family. Invite all those people who have been part of your career journey, people who will want to celebrate your success and your new milestone. Avoid anyone who might be jealous of your new found success.

You Got Engaged or Moved in Together

This is a big one. You might have an official engagement party, but why not have an informal party too, somewhere you can let your hair down and get a little crazy with your friends? An engagement party is a great excuse to show off the diamond you are now wearing and also to get people excited about your forthcoming wedding. You might even score some volunteers to help organise the wedding! And if you are celebrating moving in together, what better place to do that than at your new home? Invite your friends and toast your brand new adventure as a couple – and don’t say no to any housewarming presents your friends may want to give you!

You Bought Your Own Home

There are few steps you will take in life that will be more important than buying your own home. If you have managed to attain the great Australian dream, then you certainly need to celebrate it. Invite all your friends and family over and show off your new place. Moving in to a new home is a lot of work so try and keep the party simple. How about having a barbeque in your new back yard? Or asking everyone to bring a plate to share> No-one will mind doing this and it certainly takes the load off you.

You Are Having a Baby

Finding out you are having a baby is a great reason to celebrate. You may even hold a baby shower party and perhaps a barbeque for everyone after all the baby shower games and gift giving is over. If you know what sex your baby is you should dress the house up accordingly and ask everyone to wear blue or pink to add to the atmosphere.

Do you have any unconventional excuses for throwing a party? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

We Are Already Planning for our Family Summer Vacation!

Thanks GOD as this year my husband is entitled for his 2 weeks off with pay at work. Last year, we did not got a chanced to go somewhere as a family for a short getaway because he was new at his workplace. My daughter ad I had beent o Niagara Falls back in 2011 and it was gorgeous to the point that I want to go back there every summer. It was a fun experienced. My husband had been there before we got married and asked me if we went here and there which unfortunately, we did not explored a lot because of our time limit that time.

This year, hubby and I are considering Niagara Falls. We have our son and we want him to see the falls but it is not final yet. We are still looking for some places that will be safe for all of us to explore especially to our young kids. Maybe a place within the state but still we need to do a lot of research and narrow down. I am excited for us all. Although I am not a big fan of traveling by land because of my “motion sickness” but for my family, my kids I will…

Our girl wants to go to Disney. LOL! Right now, we don’t have the money for that. It needs time to save a lot of money to go to Disney in order to enjoy the place to the fullest plus of course, it is expensive, the foods, the souvenirs and everything.