We Are Already Planning for our Family Summer Vacation!

Thanks GOD as this year my husband is entitled for his 2 weeks off with pay at work. Last year, we did not got a chanced to go somewhere as a family for a short getaway because he was new at his workplace. My daughter ad I had beent o Niagara Falls back in 2011 and it was gorgeous to the point that I want to go back there every summer. It was a fun experienced. My husband had been there before we got married and asked me if we went here and there which unfortunately, we did not explored a lot because of our time limit that time.

This year, hubby and I are considering Niagara Falls. We have our son and we want him to see the falls but it is not final yet. We are still looking for some places that will be safe for all of us to explore especially to our young kids. Maybe a place within the state but still we need to do a lot of research and narrow down. I am excited for us all. Although I am not a big fan of traveling by land because of my “motion sickness” but for my family, my kids I will…

Our girl wants to go to Disney. LOL! Right now, we don’t have the money for that. It needs time to save a lot of money to go to Disney in order to enjoy the place to the fullest plus of course, it is expensive, the foods, the souvenirs and everything.

What Are the Top Five Snacks that Make You Think of Summer?


If you’re like me, you don’t think of budding flowers or birds returning home when you think of spring. No, I think of the greatness that is a Rita’s water ice. The first day of spring also marks the first day I can get Rita’s Water Ice, and although I have to wait in line for about an hour because of the free water ice special, it’s worth it. I would definitely say that water ice is one of the top five snacks that make you think of warmer times, but what are some other mainstays during summer? Let’s examine them and get hungry:

The Salt Water Taffy: As a Jersey Boy, I would be remiss if I didn’t have salt water taffy as a top snack of summer. Salt water taffy was first made in Atlantic City back in 1883. A shop owner named David Bradley discovered that taffy mixed with salt water was pretty good when his store was flooded by the ocean. Joseph Fralinger would popularize it when he made it into an Atlantic City souvenir. Enoch James would then later change the recipe a bit to make it less sticky for wrapping. You can find both Enoch James and Joseph Fralinger salt water taffy in a variety of stores.

Soft Serve Ice Cream: When I was a kid, I remember playing kickball outside pretty much every afternoon. The only thing that would stop my friends and I was when he heard the best sound in the entire world: the Mister Softee Ice Cream Truck. Now I’m a traditionalist when it comes to my ice cream. I want a soft serve cone, vanilla with sprinkles. Once in a while, I would do a chocolate, vanilla swirl, but that was only on special occasions. You cannot do summer without the ice cream.

Funnel Cake: Okay, I admit that these are not the healthiest fare, but a trip to the amusement park would not be complete without some funnel cake. If you don’t want to know what you’re eating, please stop here. Okay, ready? To make funnel cake, you essentially deep fry dough until it is a golden brown. From there, you put powdered sugar on top. Now, if you really don’t care about your weight, you can also put Nutella on top of it, but I’ll let other risk-takers try that one.

Watermelon: Yes, something that isn’t processed. Nature does make the best candy, no matter what any advertiser will tell you. I recommend going with this awesome recipe for watermelon sailboats. That combines watermelon with another one of summer’s best fruits: blueberries. Just remember that bees love watermelon too, so don’t forget to wash your hands and face when you go back outside. I learned that lesson the hard way.

What are some of your favorite summer snacks?

Remembering My Family in Philippines!


This as gtaken back in 2010 of december after they picked us up at the airport. I was still tired from a very long flight but they want picture so I gave in. LOL! Anyway, we took a lot of pictures but will upload the rest of my family, siblings and parents later. People on this photo. Left: Mom’s youngest sister, my mom, me (who was wearing a black top with white rose on it), mom’s oldest sister and my cousin.


My precious daughter who was only 3 years old at that time. also, the photo was taken just a couple of hours after we arrived in my parents house.  I missed my family back home in Philippines and hoping to see them sooner or later. Right now, I am saving money for tickets and for allowance. I am praying for a miracle to make my plan early. The early the better! :)

Dangerous Sleeping Habits To Avoid


Does your nightly routine cause you to do the toss-and-turn samba throughout the night? While one night of poor sleep can usually be soothed with a little RnR and copious amounts of caffeine, chronic insomnia can do more to your body than just making you tired throughout the day. Sometimes larger issues including stress, illness, menopause, and medications triggering your inability to fall asleep, or it might be as simple as one of these every day habits.

Pulling all Nighters

You’ve likely heard time and time again the importance of going to bed and getting up at the same time every day to not only optimise your sleep, but prepare you for a long day. It’s advice that business professionals often ignore, with the stress of their jobs forcing them to burn the midnight oil until every last pitch deck, or report is finished. Most believe they can compensate later by catching up on Z’s during the weekend, however this results in oversleeping, causing you to be even more exhausted by the Monday morning. Experts – meaning your doctor and those TV specialists – maintain that it’s critical to keep a target bed time in mind, even if it’s one in the morning. Not doing this is similar to flying from the west coast for the weekend and then flying back to the east coast for the week – you’re essentially living with constant jet-lag.

Checking Your Emails and Social Media in Bed

Do you take you screens into the bedroom? Catch up on the latest Game of Thrones on your laptop in bed? Then finish off by scrolling through the nonsensical Facebook newsfeed before you switch off your lights? You might think that this is a great way to relax, however all these artificial lights are fooling your brain into thinking that it’s still the middle of the day. The Lighting Research Centre performed a series of tests confirming that the UV light imbedded in your smart devices has the ability to decrease your melatonin by at least twenty percent. Considering melatonin is important for regulating your body’s’ natural sleep cycle, a decreased rate means it’s harder for brain to perform its unwinding process. Subsequently, you are wired right up until the very moment you decide it’s time to hit the hay.

Having Big Dinners

Consuming large meals takes hours late at night takes hours to digest, making it harder to fall asleep. While it’s tempting to tuck into that creamy bowl of spaghetti, turn your main meal into lunch time and try to have fewer than 500 calories at night. If you also suffer from indigestion issues, it’s wise to skip spicy, processed and MSG ridden food, which will help curb heartburn, overly vivid dreams, and indigestion.

Working out too Close to Bed Time

While regular workouts can help you sleep better, exercising within a few hours of going to sleep can actually mess with the unwinding process. Opt for morning, afternoon or at least three hours before you head to bed.

Sleeping on an Old Mattress

Have you been snoozing on the same lumpy foam for more than a decade? The reason for your poor sleep and grogginess in the morning could all come down to a bad mattress. A good mattress should last you up to ten years, while a cheap one should be replaced every five years. If you’re unsure of the best types for your frame, head to a Latex Mattresses store or check out the website http://www.latexmattress.com.au/ for the right bedding for you.

Do you have any tips for a better night’s sleep? Let us know in the comments below.

Traveling to Harrisburg with Kids and our Pet Pug Tomorrow


image not mine…


This is gonna be us tomorrow as we are going to Harrisburg which is a two hours drive one way. I am not a big fan of long distance travel but this travel is very important. My husband’s brother-in-law died in February 28th of this year. His body was cremated and tomorrow is his 64th birthday which will be his burial too. We have our pug and we could not leave her in the house without anybody to attend her.

So, hubby and I decided that we are going to bring her along with us, plus we have the two kids (2 years old and 6 years old) plus my sister-in-law is going with us. We are all in our pick up truck. That way, only one is driving plus we can save gas.We do this all the time and my sister-in-law will only give gas money to my husband.

We also had brought our dog with us before and she was fine. Hope she will do the same this time. How I wish were traveling their not because we have to attend a burial. This is sad but it is GOD’s plan. On the other hand, I am looking forward for a warm weather so that we don’t have to bundle up the kids.

As I checked my e-mail earlier. A friend of mine sent me an e-mail informing me that she won’t be at work tomorrow for one of their dear friend died and they are going for the funeral while I will not be online tomorrow because we have to attend hubby’s brother-in-law’s burial. What a coincident but have not responded to her yet!