Bought A New Trailer Today!

We have a trailer but it is small in size for our Yamaha Rhino to fit in. Hubby had been wanting one that is wide and long enough for the Yamaha Rhino and his motorcycle. Trailers are not cheap, prices are base in trailers sizes. Today, we went to two different places looking for the right trailer.

First stop was at the Tractor supply, saw some  and the lowest price was $699.99 a 5×8 trailer. Next, we went to Lowes, checked out their trailers and noticed most of have rust in it. Price for their 5×8 trailers were $699. Hubby forgot to bring the measuring tape so we decided to go back home and get it.

This time, we went back to Tractor supply and want to buy the Aluminum trailer for $1,799.00 since he was been eyeing to the trailer that was $1,699 which is not aluminum. I preferred the Aluminum since it won’t develop any rust. Went inside to negotiate for a one hundred dollar less but unfortunately, we had no luck.

Hubby went back outside and saw this 5 1/2×10 inches for $1,299 the size is right for our Rhino and mortocycles. We end up buying it. Went to Triple AAA’a to register the trailer and paid more than $100 for the registration and etc.

Maple Tone Bass Drum

When buying something you have to consider everything by being smart and a wise shopper. Shop for the lowest price with the same product,  features and search for helpful reviews before paying the product. Just like this pdp x7 that has the maple tone, great performance, powerful and made affordable. Therefore, if you want a bass drum, get this kind of drum. Made of maple shell, lacquer finish, matching kick drum hoops and also comes with bass drum pillow, true pitch tuning. Check this out and enjoy the lower price!

First Family Walked Ever!

I had been slacking off for a very long time as I had no energy to do so. I took different vitamins in a hope that it could boost my energy but nothign seems working. I stopped taking my vitamins and stepping on the scale really devastating and embarrasing. I want to lose 20 lbs. or more so badly. First step I did was to stop eating my RICE “YES” it was very hard and now, it has been 3 weeks. So far, no cravings for it. Thanks GOD! Next was SODA “Hard to resist BUT I actually had no sip for almost 2 weeks straight!”

As determined as I am which I am very grateful I finally started exercising. It was been on and off as there were days that I missed it. It depends how busy we are (hubby and I) with other matters. Sometimes, it really gets to my schedule. I exercise in the morning around 8:30 a.m. but sometimes had to leave the house early as well to do some important matters. So, have to put my exercise off for that day.

Anyway, yesterday me and the kids had pour walking exercise and did some running in our driveway and up the woods. Our girl really likes it. This morning I decided to go for a walked and had to take my 3 year old son with me. When hubby knew about it, he decided to go with us and took our 2 years old pug with us. I had our boy in his stroller while hubby had our dog on a leash. It was quite 2 miles or a little more. I could still walked longer than that but my husband had been complaining about his back already.. :(

Overall, it was the very first time that we had a family walked. Hope it is not the first and the last. It is always nice to exercise as well bond as a family adn get healthy together. Now, I am feeling my energy! :)