Old Navy Credit/Reward Card

Finally, we received the Old Navy credit line card. I was happy that our credit limit is low as I don’t want to be dependent to our card. One for me and one for my hubby. My card is an extension to his card since I would not qualify for their requirements. I don’t have a credit score yet, not yet but I will be building my own soon. :) Just waiting for the right timing…

Yay, this is perfect for the back to school shopping for our girl. She needs new school clothes. How I wish they wear uniform but it they don’t! :( So has to go shopping. Time really fly so fast. July is almost over and August is approaching fast. The next thing I will know is that, back to school is here.. LOL!

Anyway, this Old Navy card is great as it will give us a cash back in every $100 that we spent from what I remember. Cool, isn’t it? Plus the card can be use at GAP, Banana Republic and other stores.

Native Instruments Guitar

 When you are a performer you liked portable musical instruments to fit it in your vehicle for easy use and access. Assuming guitars liked  native instruments guitar rig which is something that you can realyy take on the road wherever you go without any hassle. This comes with footpedal and software. Hasawesome and easy to undestand features.

Part of the hardware  details are rock solid foot controller with 8 assignable switches and foot pedal, one switch, balanced stereo ouyput and separate headphone monitoring and more. This has 5 stars base from customers reviews and satisfaction. Great and affordable product.

Feeling The Separation Anxiety!

I can’t believed that I am feeling the separation anxiety already. I am with my kids 24/7 since they were born. Now, is the time that I have to leave the nest! :) I don’t really want it but I have too helped bringing some money for our family. Our daughter is 7 years old and our son is 3 years old. It is always killing me inside whenever my son would say ” I want you, I need you, I want to be with you!” he is very young to understand regradless of how much I explained to him that I need to go to work and make money to be able to buy him “Dinosaurs” and be able to buy his Ate (big sister) hotwheels and American Dolls. :)

Tomorrow will be my Orientation day and I have no idea how long I will stay for that. It is hard to explain what I am feeling right now… This maybe normal to all mothers who will be separated to their kids for the very first time. I have been wondering already how will I do at my workplace without seeing my kids for hours. :(